I'm Building Brands
CONTENT. I Create Content
SEO. I'm Optimizing Websites
PPC. Setting Up Campaigns
SOCIAL MEDIA. I'm Building Community Of Fans

EMAIL MARKETING. I Send Newsletters
STRATEGY. I Create The Future
MANAGEMENT. I Manage Marketing

-> Social Media Marketing.

As a Marketing specialist and Social Media Manager, I will design an action and creative Marketing Strategy for your social networks that will reach hundreds of potential customers. I will actively take care of the content of your social networks (creative text, photo and video), set up targeted advertising campaigns, evaluate impacts, and respond to comments and messages on behalf of your brand.

Price from 40 € / 1 hour *

-> Copywriting & Ideamaking.

As a Copywriter, I write creative texts for your Websites and Social Media networks for small, medium and large brands and non-profit organizations.

Price from 40 € / 1 hour *

-> Branding.

I will come up with an original and creative name for your business, supported by a quality design that will differentiate you from the competition and arouse emotion in the customer.

Price from 40 € / 1 hour *

-> Email Marketing.

Email marketing involves creating eye-catching templates for newsletters, including attractive items and preheaters, and the right technical settings (TXT, MX, and other records) to achieve the best OTR and CTR values.

Price from 40 € / 1 hour *

-> Advertising campaigns.

As a Marketing specialist, I create advertising campaigns based on the set Marketing strategy. I answer the needs of your customers with creative PPC Google Ads advertising and advertising on social networks as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. I rely on real data from Google Trends, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc.

Price from 40 € / 1 hour *

-> SEO optimization.

I offer SEO services for website optimization.

Price from 40 € / 1 hour *

->Marketing consultation.

I will help you to set up your marketing communication. I will explain what marketing activities will increase the sales of products and services. I will choose the priorities to focus on in marketing. I will answer questions from the field of online marketing and marketing communication.

Price from 150 € / 1 hour *