I am

I have a huge passion for marketing, management and innovation. I help brands and companies grow and look at marketing comprehensively. I focus on results based on numbers. I visited different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. I am looking for new opportunities where I can realize my talent, energy, motivation, creativity, enthusiasm. I love big multicultural cities. I admire companies that are open-minded to new ideas and innovation.

In 2019, I decided to change my life and start offering my services as a digital marketing freelancer. I started actively running, practicing yoga, learning on a daily basis, and helping companies, brands and non-profit organizations to improve their marketing communications.

I bring a piece of myself into every cooperation (my experience, know-how, passion for marketing)…

My expertise: Marketing strategy, Branding, Content Marketing, SEO optimization, Email marketing, UX, Innovations, Creative Thinking, Team Leading, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing

London, Vienna, Los Angeles...

"I love exploring the world."

As a marketing specialist, I have already worked from
New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, Vienna, Bratislava, Valencia, Krakow, Warsaw, Rome, Milan and other.

Every culture
teaches me something

I like to meet people all over the world. Every person and every culture brings something new to my life.

How do
I help?

I help my clients around the world sell their services and products online. As a Marketing Specialist, I also help build brands and community of fans. 

I create creative content, write articles, take care of social media profiles, send emails and much more...

How can you
contact me?

Via WhatsApp, FaceTime:
+421 905 301 686

Through email:

How do I help
most often?

Create a marketing strategy
Give a marketing consultation
Take care of profiles on social networks
Create an email campaign
Take responsibility for corporate marketing

How much
do my services cost?

Price starts at 35 € per hour. See the full price list for marketing activities here