I am a Digital Marketer.

In love with Online Marketing.

What I do?

  • Branding.  I'm Building Brands

  • Content. I Create Content

  • SEO. I'm Optimizing Websites

  • PPC. Setting Up Campaigns

  • Social. I'm Building Community Of Fans

  • Email. I Send Newsletters

  • Strategy. I Create The Future
  • Consultations. I Share My Know-How

  • Management. I Manage Marketing

= I will take care of your Marketing comprehensively!

# My clients

In recent years, I have worked for international clients from Europe, America, Asia in the fields of IT, construction, design, gastronomy, sports, healthcare, fashion, education, online technology, digital brands, non-profit organizations and government.

# A Digital Marketer

Over the years I have worked as a Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager and Head of Marketing for international brands and companies. I am open to new opportunities anywhere in the world. Contact me anytime.
The largest delivery service in the country with more than 2000 restaurants.

+100% increase in YoY orders
+100% increase in YoY App download

Kimbino bring users leaflets and catalogs in digital form in more than 40 countries around the world.
 +50% increase in profit from email marketing
 +50% more open emails YoY
Company operating in more than 10 countries around the world. 
+300% YoY increase interactions on social networks 
+300% YoY increase in web visits

My price list

See the price list for my Marketing services here.